Exotic Plantworks,inc. was started in 1983 by The Harris' whose dream it was to bring a wider variety of workable plant life to the people and companies in the Cleveland/ Akron area. It began with a simple greenhouse that expanded to include three larger greenhouses where they grew Orchids, rare Ferns, succulents and any other pieces that were considered unusual at the time although they proved workable in the interiors. The company offered not only these interesting plants, they started doing on site projects where customers could immediately see a knowledgeable team resulting in a huge value for the efficient personalized services they received. Plantworks was soon servicing corporate buildings, medical offices and many homes.

Providing Service for Almost 30 Years

Although interior green plants originate from tropical, "exotic" countries, all plants used by Plantworks, Inc. are grown in the U.S.A. to conform easily to any interior conditions in our area. All plant materials used are hardy and cost effective. Our customers are pleased to learn that they don't have to settle for the same varieties of ho-hum plants seen in every mall.

Plantworks has always been aware of the need for plants in the interior. Their initial approach to selling plants is the same premise that the Green Movement is built upon today and that is:"Plants-Work" to make our interiors brighter, more appealing and conducive to healthy living.

From the beginning, Plantworks was called upon by the major interiorscapers in the area asking us how to find and maintain species that we were using in interiors way ahead of the curve. We were the first company in Cleveland to offer a rotational blooming program with Orchids. We have been here since the inception of the interiorscaping industry and have provided for major hotels, hospital complexes, corporate headquarters, and many fine homes. We set our standards high so that our customers can rest assured they are getting the best products and services at the most cost effective price. All our technicians are background checked for driving, chemical and criminal concerns so the customer doesn't need to wonder about security.

In short, Exotic Plantworks is best described by their mission statement which pronounces their dedication to company standards and what we offer our customers: "We are a company of professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible service. This service is to achieve, by actions with conclusive results, a rewarding plant environment for any that view our work. We will not limit the success of our service by lack of : creativity, involvement, responsibility, accountability or the personal reward of a job well done. Quality will not be sacrificed for the sake of monetary competitiveness. To compete and truly win, is to "out perform". We all have the need for individual satisfaction, but must not forget that we are strongest and most effective as a group. We are a team."